Aircraft Deicing Fluids (ADF)

Aircraft Deicing Fluids (ADF)

Aircraft deicing fluid providing protection from ice and frost for the global aviation, general aviation and runway de-icing markets for over 80 years, Kilfrost is the original pioneer and still a proud global leader. We ensure aircraft can fly in even the coldest conditions, and our world-renowned R&D team employs on-site cold chambers, wind tunnels, and the very best technical expertise to evaluate, test and create our new products.

We developed the first ever Type I, Type II, and Type IV ADF (Aircraft De-Icing Fluids). We successfully – and repeatedly – increased the holdover time of our products and the protection they gave to customers across the length and the breadth of the world. And we pushed the boundaries with innovative partnerships – from the TKS joint venture which saw a breakthrough in protection for the general aviator, to our work in the 2000s with DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts and the development of the first ever bio-derived glycol.

And our ongoing investment in the very latest weather-predicting technology means that we are also able to maintain exceptional levels of supply and be responsive to our clients, as they need us. All of which is why we are the preferred, and trusted supplier to most of the world’s leading airports and ground handling crews, as well as executive jets, flight schools and private aircraft owners.

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