Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps

Our pioneering Kilfrost GEO® fluid provides a first-of-its-kind protection for closed loop water heat pump collectors. Low viscosity, non-toxic, and formulated with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heat transfer base fluid, Kilfrost GEO® provides ASTM D1384-05 proven corrosion protection. As well as out-performing MEG, MPG, Bio-PDO, and ethanol-based heat transfer fluids, it leads to reduced system pressure drops, and lower pumping costs.

Its improved environmental profile sees the fluid free from nitrates, nitrites, borates, heavy metals, and phosphates, and is classified as non-hazardous according to CLP/REACH.

We also offer a range of Thermatrans high performance, multi-component, inhibited heat transfer fluids which provide a high resistance to degradation, scale, bacterial growth, and corrosion, while still offering excellent freeze protection, cleaner circuits, efficient heat transfer and long-term cost-efficiencies across system maintenance. Tested to the ASTM D1384-05 corrosion test standard for metals most commonly found within units, Thermatrans fluids are biodegradable and provide protection across a temperature range from -50 to 100.

Do explore our range of water sourced heat pump fluids, or get in touch with a member of our dedicated team who would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Our heat transfer fluids can be used in the following applications:-

 Ground Source Heat Pumps • Air Source Heat Pumps
• Water Source Heat Pumps • Solar Heating Systems
• Heating & HVAC System • Cooling & Freezing
• Antifreeze Protection • Cleaning / Disinfection
• Corrosion Protection • Lubricant for Pneumatic Tools
• Biomass Systems  



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