Heat Transfer Fluids

Heat Transfer Fluids

We produce a range of inhibited glycol coolant-based heat transfer fluids which are used across heating, cooling, including Ground Source Heat Pumps and many other industrial applications. And our products also offer protection to the ground, air and water source heat pumps, green technology, and HVAC Systems, as well as providing comprehensive antifreeze and corrosion protection. To explore the applications and uses of our products here, get in touch with a member of our team. We would be delighted to answer any queries you may have regarding the heat transfer fluids we supply and can provide you with any extra support, should you need this.

Our speciality heat transfer fluids division was launched in 2012 to bring together our world-leading expertise across safety-critical products, with our R&D team’s pioneering focus on engineering solutions for the challenges faced across industry and commerce.

Our heat transfer fluid can be used in the following applications:-

• Ground Source Heat Pumps Air Source Heat Pumps
• Water Source Heat Pumps • Solar Heating Systems
• Heating & HVAC System • Cooling & Freezing
• Antifreeze Protection • Cleaning / Disinfection
• Corrosion Protection • Lubricant for Pneumatic Tools
• Biomass Systems  



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