Kilfrost K-400 Anti-Freeze Pneumatic Tool Lubricant

Kilfrost K400 in useA superior anti-freeze lubricant formulated to allow and ensure effective pneumatic equipment operations in even the harshest of environments.

Working in freezing conditions is hazardous enough without the added complication of equipment freezing solid. This is why Kilfrost is the trusted name in pneumatic tool lubrication, especially in low temperatures.

For years, the industry has asked for 'the Kilfrost' to keep their pneumatic equipment productive but now the best just got better!

The new and improved Kilfrost K-400 is another giant step forward that will ensure your operations are kept running smoothly.

From air motors to impact wrenches and jackhammers, if your tools are air fed they are at risk unless you use Kilfrost K-400.

Ideal for:

  • Mining & quarries
  • Oil & gas
  • Construction, civil engineering & concrete plants
  • Logging, pulp & paper
  • Shipyards & transportation services

New Kilfrost K-400

  • 4x water absorption of the market leading formulation
  • 12% lower wear
  • Over 3x pressure protection & 40% greater high-pressure lubrication

High performance water absorbency, extreme pressure lubricity and anti-wear capability for pneumatic industry.

Why K-400?

  • Stop moisture freezing and reduced downtime associated with equipment failure
  • Reduce servicing of pneumatic tool thanks to strong anti-wear capability
  • Enhanced corrosion protection for longer equipment lifetime

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Kilfrost K400

 Kilfrost K400



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