Dairy and Poultry Industry Could Save Energy Costs Thanks To Revolutionary Heat Transfer Fluid

Kilfrost will demonstrate the benefits of two revolutionary products in geothermal heat transfer and environmental safety from today (November 6) at Farm Business Innovation 2019.

We will be a key exhibitor at the Birmingham NEC event to reveal how our next-generation heat transfer fluids can deliver significant advantages across a wide range of industries including dairy and poultry farming.

ALV Plus has revolutionised dairies and chilled storage – providing a commercial solution that for the first time increases both efficiency and safety, offering an alternative to current fluids.

This high-performance, non-toxic fluid surpasses monoethylene glycol (MEG) and monopropylene glycol (MPG) and is certified to the US NSF standard as safe for incidental contact with food and drink.

An advanced low viscosity fluid, it outperforms all existing non-toxic products on the market, including glycol, protecting against corrosion and scaling. ALV Plus requires less pumping energy minimising pressure drops meaning ALV Plus has the potential to deliver substantial energy savings.

Bob Kane, Head of Sales and Marketing at Kilfrost, said: “As a cost-effective, low risk and environmentally friendly product, ALV Plus delivers significant benefits for the food and beverage sector and has received a very positive response since its launch last year.

“But it’s also already in use across multiple industries including brewing and others in which refrigeration and process cooling are required.

“It’s a revolutionary fluid that provides an optimal solution to the long-standing challenge of efficiency-versus-toxicity.”

Testing has shown ALV Plus is 66 per cent less viscous than MPG, delivering up to 35 per cent saving in energy usage.

Kilfrost will also demonstrate the benefit of its GEO fluid, which can dramatically improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability of heat pump systems, now being installed in poultry farms across the country. The first-of-its-kind product was specifically engineered for closed-loop ground source heat pumps to deliver a viable commercial solution that has a substantial impact in improving efficiency and environmental profile.

It outperforms MEG, MPG, Bio-PDO and ethanol-based heat transfer fluids, protects against corrosion and scaling, reduces pumping costs and leads to fewer drops in pressure. Switching to GEO can create considerable long-term energy savings for businesses in a wide variety of sectors and can also be retrofitted as a replacement for poor-performing fluids.

Bob added: “Our pioneering GEO fluid was developed in response to widespread concerns over the toxicity, efficiency and application of some standard thermal transfer fluids.

“Existing thermal transfer solutions offered a choice between toxicity and efficiency, or safety and inefficiency, which was obviously not ideal.

“So our scientists developed a product that delivers both safety and efficiency and that also has industry-leading environmental protection credentials.”

The Kilfrost team will be available to discuss the advantages of both the ALV Plus and GEO fluids at Stand FR212.

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