Introducing the innovative new Advanced Low Viscosity (ALV) Plus fluid

When looking for a refrigerant for industrial applications, the market has been somewhat limited for choice over the last 150 years.

Read on to find out about our innovative new Advanced Low Viscosity Plus fluid and how it can benefit you and your business now.

Ammonia has been the go-to choice for decades for most refrigerant applications due to it being environmentally sound and efficient. Unfortunately it also carries inherent risks due to its toxicity meaning that the use of ammonia requires a lot of planning and implementation. Due to a lack of choice, plant managers have had to choose between the inherent dangers of using an ammonia refrigerant system, or a safer but less-efficient system.

If we look at the other refrigerants that are widely used, we see that they too have pros and cons.

Mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) is an efficient coolant, but is toxic posing similar risks to the use of ammonia especially where there is a chance that the coolant could come into contact with any item that is ultimately intended for human consumption.

Monopropylene glycol (MPG) is much safer and is non-toxic, but is a much less efficient coolant.

Ethanol is another possible coolant with the unfortunate downside of being highly flammable.

Salt brines are another option, but these have been shown to be corrosive to the pipes and systems circulating it increasing upkeep costs on infrastructure.

Here at Kilfrost Michael Reynolds and his team have been working hard to find a new coolant solution which would prove to be a viable non-toxic and more efficient alternative to the current offerings on the market. This has lead to the development of the new advanced low viscosity (ALV) Plus fluid which is 66% less viscous that MPG and offers 35% energy savings. It also outperforms MEG, MPG, Bio-PDO and ethanol-based heat transfer fluids with an operational temperature down to -40°C with the added advantage of being approved by NSF International as safe for incidental contact with food and beverages designated for human consumption.

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