ALV Plus Heat Transfer Fluid In The News

Kilfrost’s ALV Plus fluid and its superior performance in heat transfer is not only making waves in industry, but has recently been recognised in a flurry of articles in respected trade journals and magazines.

The revolutionary fluid, which is both non-toxic and highly efficient, is being used by breweries including Pillars Brewery in Walthamstow, London.

It’s helping them to make energy savings and remain environmentally friendly and their story appears in the latest issue of the Journal of the Society of Independent Brewers.

Meanwhile, Brewing and Beverage Industries Business magazine also highlights how ALV Plus is helping Pillars stay true to their green credentials while also saving money.

The properties of the fluid, and how it’s revolutionising heat transfer not just in brewing but across multiple industries, have also been highlighted in the renowned International Process Engineer magazine.

In the article, Technical Manager Michael Reynolds explains how the properties of the fluid provide a first time ever solution to the decades-old toxicity-versus-efficiency dilemma faced by plant managers.

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