Planning & Building Control Today | Heat Transfer Fluids

If you've not yet picked up the latest copy of Planning & Building Control Today, details of our newly-launched and first-of-its-kind heat transfer fluids range, which is set to revolutionise the industry globally, has been covered.

You can follow this link to view the latest edition of Planning & Building Control Today, and find our new product range on pages 180 and 181 |

Our next generation range of fluids, which offers a viable alternative to monoethylene glycol (MEG) and monopropylene glycol (MPG), include:

  • Kilfrost GEO® provides high efficiency, a good environmental profile, minimal physical hazards, and excellent system protection, and is the first advanced heat transfer fluid engineered specifically to support geothermal applications, in particular closed loop systems
  • Kilfrost GLV® is a low viscosity non-toxic heat transfer fluid, formulated with bio-derived fluids and designed to reduce pressure drops, lower pumping costs, and increase hydraulic efficiency
  • Kilfrost ALV® is based on GRAS listed base fluids and is for use in secondary refrigeration, heating and air conditioning
  • Kilfrost ALV Plus® is a low viscosity heat transfer fluid which is formulated with organic, FDA approved inhibitors and viscosity modifiers. It has been developed to reduce the incidence of pressure drops, as well as to reduce pumping costs and increase hydraulic efficiency






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