Kilfrost TKS 80 Aircraft De-Icing Fluid

Kilfrost TKS 80 Aircraft De-Icing Fluid

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In Flight De-icing Fluid


Kilfrost TKS 80 is a highly effective in-flight de-icing fluid suitable for use in TKS weeping wing systems. Also can be used on stationary grounded aircraft to remove frozen ice/snow deposits.

Kilfost TKS 80 fluid provides de/anti-icing protection in-flight through the porous metal structure forming a wings leading edge. TKS80 is manufactured to the same exacting standards as Kilfrosts wing de/anti-icers, used by leading airlines and airports around the world. Both the TKS 80 and R328 fluids have been specifically developed and optimised for use with the TKS system. Kilfrost TKS 80 meets the demands of those who require an alcohol-free formulation, while offering excellent de/anti-icing performance.

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