Kilfrost Power Pellets Ground De-Icing

Kilfrost Power Pellets Ground De-Icing

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Kilfrost Power Pellets Ground De-Icing. Fast and effective: ground de-icing without the mess and corrosion of rock salt.


Fast and effective: ground de-icing without the mess and corrosion of rock salt.

New Ice Melt from Kilfrost is based on unique aviation and rail industry technology, available for the first time as a ground de-icer. Significantly less corrosive than rock salt, Ice Melt’s clean formulation is fully soluble, leaving no messy residue and is not harmful to humans, animals or vegetation. It is also fully biodegradable.

Ideal for walkways, car parks, playgrounds,station platforms, bridges and pedestrian areas

Kilfrost Ice Melt offers super-fast de-icing performance, and is easy to apply with excellent coverage. Ice Melt is available in three formats: granules, pellets and liquid, to suit your favoured application method.From the global leaders in de/anti-icing

With 75 years experience in the de-icing industry Kilfrost is the global leader in the aviation, rail and industrial markets. You can count on Kilfrost to deliver peak de-icing performance when it matters.

Power Pellets offer:- • Easy application by shovel, gloved hand or spreader • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces • “Super Grip” additive for added visibility and excellent grip underfoot • Long lasting performance • Latest “Power Pellet” Ice Melt technology gives rapid, long-lasting performance: bores through ice to melt from top down and bottom up • Easy “free-flowing” application: ideal for deicing large areas with shovel, gloved hand or mechanical hopper • Clearly visible with excellent grip underfoot • Fully soluble: no residue left behind

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