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Kilfrost’s technical team offers industry-leading expertise and can assist with in-depth advice and guidance across all areas. Get in touch to share details of your challenge and we can advise which of our industry-leading products may suit best. Our technical team can also provide access to our Kilfrost HTF Test Kit, which has been designed to assist in the installation and maintenance of glycol-based thermal fluids covering a number of applications, including a hand-held optical refractometer which provides an accurate reading of the refractive index of the glycol-based thermal fluid in the system, pH Test Strips to indicate potential corrosion or degradation, a Sample Bottle to send to us for further exploration if needed and all supporting documentation including instructions and logging sheets.

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1  Are Kilfrost heat transfer fluids suitable to use with different types of metal in my system?

2  Are Kilfrost heat transfer fluids suitable to use with non-metallic items in my system?

3  Are Kilfrost products hazardous?

4  At what temperature can I use Kilfrost fluids?

5  Do you offer a testing service for fluids?

6  How do I look after/store/handle my Kilfrost products?

7  How long can Kilfrost fluids be stored?

8  If there is a problem with the performance of my product, can you help?

9  Is an inhibited glycol really necessary?

10  Is it possible to buy Kilfrost heat transfer fluids in other colours?

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