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Customer Service

We believe in providing an exceptional customer experience, every time. Our customer service team is empowered to do all that they are able to not just meet our customers’ needs but to exceed them, and we are proud of the reputation we have developed for not just providing the highest quality, most efficient, and most effective products on the market, but for treating our customers with true care, attention and personal service.

The long-standing nature of many of our customer relationships is testament to the ease of working with Kilfrost, and we’d love to look after you too.

Do get in touch with a member of our team to learn more.

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1  Are Kilfrost products compatible with different materials e.g. plastics / metals / rubber?

2  Can I track my order?

3  Do you offer operational guidance for my staff / engineers?

4  How do I place an order?

5  How long will my delivery take?

6  What are the payment terms?

7  What is the minimum order amount?

8  What makes Kilfrost products different from other competitors?

9  Where can Kilfrost products be purchased?

10  Who collects my empty IBCs?

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PAGE : Total: 12 questions

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