AL-36 Windscreen Washer and De-Icer

AL-36 Windscreen Washer and De-Icer

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Windscreen Washer and de-icer


Dual purpose ready to use windscreen washer and de-icer. Approved by MOD and BAE Systems. Originally developed for the Royal Air Force, WWF Mod3 is compatible with aircraft materials and has been independently tested by SMI and BAE systems. Kilfrost WWF MOD 3 is delivered ready-to-use.


  • Proven effective in window cleaning systems for removal of salt and insect remains on aircraft windshields
  • Approved for military as well as for civil aviation and is successfully used in both areas for safe and efficient window cleaning
  • Provides extraordinary and safe de-icing capability up to temperatures of minus 31°C
  • This considerably exceeds alcohol-based products.
  • Used by the Royal Air Force as an universal product

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