Kilfrost TKS 406B Aircraft De-Icing Fluid

Kilfrost TKS 406B Aircraft De-Icing Fluid

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In Flight De-icing Fluid


Kilfrost TKS 406B is a highly effective in-flight de-icing fluid suitable for use in TKS weeping wing systems. Meets AL-5 (to DTD 406B), NATO Code S-745.

TKS 406B contains a mixture of glycol and alcohol and offers good ice protection capability (freezing point below -60°C). Principally used for in-flight ice protection, TKS 406B can also be applied to remove frozen deposits of snow, ice and frost from stationery aircraft on the ground. TKS 406B is designed for use in cold concentrate form (as supplied) and is available in Various size containers.

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