Kilfrost ABC S Plus Aircraft De-Icing Fluid

Kilfrost ABC S Plus Aircraft De-Icing Fluid

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Type IV Fluid


Kilfrost ABC S Plus ADF Aircraft De-Icing fluid is a fully approved AMS 1428, Type IV fluid supplied extensively throughout Europe. Available neat/premix dilutions. Kilfrost  Aircraft Deicing Type IV fluids offer maximum anti-icing holdover protection against freezing precipitation especially snow and can be used cold to prevent the build-up of frost, ice and snow.


  • High Performance propylene glycol base (Enviromentally Friendly)
  • SAE/ISO Type IV anti-icing fluid
  • Qualified to AMS 1428 and ISO 11078 specifications
  • Extended holdover times
  • Triazole-free
  • Long term shear and storage stability
  • Wide in-service viscosity range
  • Good sprayability, non toxic and non flammable, low foaming and low residues

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