Aviation, Rail De-Icing Products and Heat Transfer Fluids

Kilfrost serves the aviation, rail and ground sectors through our Winter Products Division, and the heating, cooling, and ventilation sectors through our Speciality Fluids Division, we provide exceptional products, unparalleled expertise, and unrivaled customer care. Do explore our site to learn more about how we can help you.

Winter Services

As the original pioneers of de-icing and anti-icing solutions for the aviation sector, few understand fluid production, storage, and application like us.

Heat Transfer Fluids 

As a leading manufacturer of Heat Transfer Fluids, we understand just how important it is for your system to be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Kilfrost has been proudly family-owned and run for three generations from the development of world-first fluids for the protection of aircraft during World War Two, to the introduction of radiator anti-freeze used by Antarctic expeditions, and on to the first-ever use of a bio-derived glycol for an industry (and world) first eco fluid, we are the original pioneers and still lead the way today.


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