Clearway 6S Solid Runway De-Icer

Clearway 6S Solid Runway De-Icer

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Runway Solids


Based on sodium acetate, Clearway 6s is an effective solid runway de-icer with low environmental impact. It has a moderately corrosive effect on zinc, galvanized material, solder and soft solders. We therefore recommend that these materials be avoided.

Clearway 6s melts ice by depressing the freezing point of water and is active at temperatures to -15°C. The irregular-shaped granules will remain where spread. We advise to use the product pre-wetted in combination with corresponding liquid Clearway de-icers to obtain a rapid initial de-icing effect; it can also be applied alone to give a long residual anti-icing effect under extreme weather conditions. The product not only meets all the relevant environmental and ecological requirements but also the AMS 1431 standard. Clearway 6s is classified WGK1* both for its biodegradability and because of its low aquatic toxicity.

When applied with the mechanical facilities of airport maintenance departments, Clearway 6s allows snow and ice to be removed quickly and economically.

Eastman’s de-icers are marketed under the brand name Clearway. Clearway is acknowledged as one of the leaders in airport runway de-icing and the product range has been developed and expanded to include both liquid and solid formate-based and acetate-based products.

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