SF20 Test Kit Heat Pump Sanitiser

SF20 Test Kit Heat Pump Sanitiser

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Test Kit for heat pump sanitiser and biocide solution SF20


The Kilfrost SF20 Test Kit is an easy-to-use portable field test kit containing the essential test tools to be used by engineers for the correct dosing and monitoring of the SF20 Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution on pre-commissioning ground source and air source heat pump systems.

The SF20 Test Kit can be used to detect existing problems with biological growth and, in combination with the SF20 Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution, prevent future problems associated with biological fouling. The SF20 Test Kit enables the installer to apply and maintain the correct dose of SF20 in both ground and air source heat pumps. The SF20 test kit can also be used to check for biological activity prior to installation of the system heat transfer fluid antifreeze.

If SF20 solution is not dosed correctly or not used at all during pre-commissioning the risk of subsequent biological fouling of the thermal fluid or anti-freeze solution that is added will increase. Such fouling can lead to unpleasant smells and, in the worst cases, loss of system efficiency by thermal fluid degradation, microbial induced corrosion and extensive system damage.

Features and benefits

  • Easy-to-use portable field test kit
  • Determines the level of active Kilfrost SF20 content during pre-commission of heat pumps
  • Determines the level of biological contamination during pre-commissioning of heat pumps and in the thermal fluid / anti-freeze solution

The SF20 Test Kit for Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution contains:

  • SF20 test strips (10 ea.)
  • Dip slides (5 ea.) – 6 months shelf life
  • Sample bottle
  • Instructions

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