Kilfrost DF Plus Aircraft Anti/De-Icing Fluid

Kilfrost DF Plus Aircraft Anti/De-Icing Fluid

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Type I Fluid


Kilfrost DF Plus ADF Aircraft De-Icing Fluid is a fully approved AMS 1424, Type I fluid supplied extensively throughout Europe. Available neat/premix dilutions. Kilfrost Type I fluids are primarily used for de-icing purposes and offer limited anti-icing protection. If weather conditions dictate that anti-icing is required, a further application of an appropriate anti-icing fluid (Type II / IV) will be necessary.

Kilfrost DF Plus is a low foaming propylene glycol based Type I de-icing fluid which conforms to all of the technical requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Material Specification SAE AMS 1424 for Type I and ISO11075 for Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Fluids. Materials compatibility testing demonstrates the product conforms to the requirements set out in AMS1424.

DF Plus has a minimum shelf life of 2 years in original sealed containers Refer to certificate of conformity for further information. Stability tests under both thermal and cold storage conditions showed no significant change in pH, RI, viscosity or appearance. Thermal storage stability tests are carried out using neat fluid at 80°C for 30 days. The fluid remained homogenous at all times, WSET testing confirms aged fluids meet the minimum requirements for anti-icing performance.

DF Plus diluted 1:1 in standard hard water does not show any significant changes in pH or appearance with no evidence of insoluble deposit seen. Hard water stability tests are carried out on fluid diluted 50% at 95°C for 30 days.

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