Kilfrost TKS R328 In-Flight De-Icing Fluid

Kilfrost TKS R328 In-Flight De-Icing Fluid

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In Flight De-icing Fluid


Kilfrost TKS R328 is a highly effective in-flight de-icing fluid suitable for use in TKS weeping wing systems. Meets AL-32 (to DTD900/4804).

The TKS de/anti-icing system protects aircraft from in-flight icing by pumping fluid through a porous metal structure that forms the leading edge of the wing. Propellers and tail surfaces can be similarly protected as required.

Kilfrost TKS R328 has full de/anti-icing capability down to -60 oC an optimised formulation to provide more efficient faster de-icing performance and fully biodegradable.


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