SF10 Cleaning Fluid for HVAC Systems

SF10 Cleaning Fluid for HVAC Systems

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pH neutral concentrated cleaning fluid


SF10 Cleaning fluid is a high concentrate pH neutral cleaning fluid for the removal of iron and lime scale deposits from HVAC, heat pump and secondary refrigerant applications.

SF10 is highly effective at removing rust, scale and sediment deposits. It can be used in the pre-commissioning of new and existing systems in order to ensure optimal heat transfer.


  • PH neutral and non hazadous
  • Compatible with most common metals and used in water-bearing systems
  • For use in pre-commissioning new and exsisting systems
  • Helps to reduce energy consumption and corrosion
  • Easy disposal
  • Can be used at normal operating temperatures

SF10 Cleaning Fluid has a maximum shelf life of 1 year and is available in 1, 10 and 25 litre container sizes. Please see Technical Support Guide for further technical details.



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